KiteFix's repair kit includes: 1 Gluefix tube (1 0z.), 2 self adhesive dacron rolls (5' each), 1 Fiberfix tape (4'), Bladder ultra-adhesive patches (3"x7"), 1 Talkine bottle (3 0zs.), 1 Glufix applicator, 1 detailed user's guide, 1 brush, 1 pair scissors, 1 marker, 1 plastic bag & 1 Kitefix sticker. All together in an airtight plastic container.

500 Foot Spool Kite Line

Price: $119
Specifically engineered for kite sailing, this unique cored construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000 fiber encased in an extremely tight braided Spectra 2000 sheath. The resulting line has a lower specific gravity than water which keeps in on or near the surface, has almost zero stretch, does not require sleeving, is self-lubricating for minimal friction between lines, has a tight external braid to resist abrasion, and a high stiffness modulus to prevent tangling. This is a line you'll love and can really trust!

2 Set 30 Meter Kite Line

Price: $59
AmSteel is a twelve-strand braided rope of tension-set Parallay construction of HMWPE fiber with proprietary Samthane urethane coating. It is a non-rotational rope that yields extremely high strength and low stretch equivalent to wire rope with seven times less weight. Combined with its flex-fatigue and service life durability. Average strength Q-Line - 600 lbs, 7/64 inch - 1200 lbs, 1/8 inch - 1800 lbs,1/4 inch - 6600 lbs. 7/64 inch recommended for back line leaders, 1/8 inch recommended for center leader. 1/4 inch recommended for chicken loop line. Q-Line can be used for bridle replacement.

Surf N Skim Pads

Price: $106
Peel and super stick pad with built in footstrap inserts, no need to drill and install inserts

Adhesive Pads & Strap Set

Price: $129
Peel and stick pads and straps to convert any surfboard into a kite or tow board.

Surface Mount Inserts

Price: $39
Peel and super stick footstrap inserts, no need to drill and install inserts!

Padding Mat

Price: $99
All purpose water vehicle padding for personal watercraft, surfboards, kiteboards, tow-in boards, etc. Anything that needs a padded gripped surface for riding.

2008 universal floating leash.

Universal Chicken Loop

LiteWave Designs Best Board Pads On The Market
Land harder and Safer With Mack Daddy Pads

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