Dan Burns stays upwind for his first time.

This could be you jumping!

"In the Fall of 2001, I learned how to kiteboard without proper instruction and with old equipment.  I can wholeheartedly say I survived, just barely. I wish I had someone their to teach me but no one was around to do so.  And because of my close calls with death,  I teach everyday to insure the safety of all my students.  I don't wish learning to kiteboard without proper instruction on my worst enemy!"
 (Jay Lane, HI)

Beginner Lessons - Intermediate Lessons - Advanced Lessons - 9 Hour Kiting Lessons


Intermediate Kiting Lesson
Time: 3 hours of Professional Instruction
Cost: $210
When: All year long. Reserve your lesson in advance to ensure availability.
Where: Located in Kahului, Maui at world renown Kite Beach

Before taking this next lesson, make sure you've mastered body dragging upwind, dragging with the board, and launching and landing the kite. Because in this lesson, we will adapt to your current needs, and we can guarantee we will make you a better kiteboarder after taking a lesson with us!

Here are few problems many of our intermediate students are faced with:

1. Kiteboarding Upwind- Kiteboarding upwind is probably one of the hardest obstacles beginning kiteboarders face. This may be due to the fact that you have not been taught proper kite skills, board skills, or your gear might not have been ideal for the current conditions.

2. Transitioning Back & Forth- This is a basic skill that can be easily solved by learning how to position your kite and board in the correct spot while making your turns.

3. Jumping- We will go over the basics principals on how to jump and how to do it safely. You're instructor may demonstrate first hand since all of our instructors that teach intermediate lessons are professionals or expert kiteboard instructors.

If there are any other kiteboarding needs that you may have, our instructors will be more than happy to help you.

"Please note that the majority of our students book 3 hour lessons or more because they say they can learn to kiteboard better and faster." To book your lesson, call our booking office at 1-808-852-1938. We look forward to teaching you, and getting you hooked on the BEST SPORT IN THE WORLD!

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There are lots of activities you can enjoy while your here in Hawaii and the islands of Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Lanai such as: parachuting, skydiving, parasailing ( parasailing is the one behind the boat), and other extreme sports like kayaking, surfing or the newest sport called Kite surfing here in Kailua Hawaii. There are literally tons of recreational activities to enjoy safely while your here in Hawaii like: Adventure hiking into the mountains of Hawaii, or hang gliding, parapente, parachuting, paragliding, skydiving, sport chutes, parasailing, diving, surfing Waikiki, North Shore, visiting downtown Honolulu, Hiking Makapuu point, or a tandem paragliding discovery flight high over Hawaii. We also have accommodations available right here in Kailua. We can make all your arrangements in any town in Hawaii, such as: Kaanapali, Kapalua, Lahaina, Wailea, Hana, or Haleakala on the island of Maui; or Kailua Kona, Hilo, Waimea and other destinations on the big island of Hawaii. If you are visiting the island of Kauai we can make arrangements for you near Waimea Canyon, Lihue, and other fantastic places on Kauai, Hawaii. If your on the island of Oahu stop by our shop in Kailua beach. We also offer paragliding tours, kite surfing lessons, MBS Mountainboard, skateboards, mountain bikes, and swimwear. We are Hawaii's number one Paragliding and extreme sports shop here in the islands of Hawaii. Jared Lane Carlson is Hawaii's number 1 kiteboard instructor, hawaii kiteboard schools umber 1 master rated tandem instructor with a perfect safety record to date with thousands of flights here in Hawaii and around the world. 
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