Maui is the best place in the world to learn to kite

Kiteboarding the fastest growing sport in the world!

Getting the hang of flying a power kite is easy with an instructor right there with you.

John's just one step away from getting up on the board.

"In the Fall of 2001, I learned how to kiteboard without proper instruction and with old equipment.  I can wholeheartedly say I survived, just barely. I wish I had someone their to teach me but no one was around to do so.  And because of my close calls with death,  I teach everyday to insure the safety of all my students.  I don't wish learning to kiteboard without proper instruction on my worst enemy!"  (Jay Lane, HI) Gear Policy

We at realize that kiteboarding can be an expensive sport, but our school has focused our efforts and resources to get you involved with our sport safer and more cost effective than any other school on Maui. This is why we offer 10% off to all of our students who would like to purchase brand new 2015 Naish kiteboarding equipment. We will personally walk you into our Naish Store, so you will know what gear is suitable for your needs. Your kiting instructor will have a better idea than any other person to reccomend gear for you since we know how you kiteboard, and we know what will work best for you!

Automatic 10% off to all of's students

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