Best Kiteboarding Waroo 2009

The 2009 Waroo is the perfect kite for any rider and any discipline. It turns faster, jumps higher, loops tighter, hangs longer and now chases waves better than ever before. The 2009 Waroo will outperform both your expectations and the competition. It is not just the best value for the money out there; it is simply the best Dacron/Rip-Stop SLE kite on the market.

Completely redesigned to make it even better than before, the 2009 Waroo will allow you to progress further than you ever imagined, no matter which style of riding you prefer. The product of three years of continuous development, every aspect of the 2009 Waroo has been reworked in response to customer feedback to deliver the perfect do-anything, ride-anywhere kite, ensuring that it will be the best selling SLE kite on the market for the third year running.

The 2009 Waroos super easy handling and big surf ability has been enhanced by our new VP2 front bridle system. The VP2 short-throw front pulley system optimizes load distribution between the wingtips and the center of the LE, giving a more stable kite that can be ridden deeper into the wind window. With increased depower, VP2 gives maximum wind range from reduced bar travel and increases turning response without any increase in back line pressure.

VP2 delivers huge improvements in handling, stability and turning speed for the 2009 Waroo, enabling us to simplify the back line attachment set-up, giving you the most direct bar connection to your kite. For 2009 we have added multiple rear line configurations giving you total control of turning speed, power delivery and depower. Now you can dial-in your new Waroo perfectly for wherever and however you ride.

Freestyle riders will love the easy big-air, rock steady unhooked handling, fast kite-looping and light bar pressure of the 2009 Waroo. Newly revised canopy profiling and shaping make the 2009 Waroo the perfect choice for riders looking to maximise their riding progression. After just one ride we are sure you will agree, it is the best Waroo we have ever made.

Big wave surfers will die for the 2009 Waroos surf-tough build quality and absolute reliability, there is no better Dacron and Rip-Stop kite to rely on when you are cutting back on the face of an overhead wave or charging down the line. Improved Canopy Framing Technology, an all new Load Flex LE seam and our laser cut Solid Airframe Construction guarantee that the Waroo is the toughest kite you have ever ridden. Nothing else comes close.

Beginners looking for an easy handling kite with light bar pressure, amazing stability, maximum depower and the easiest relaunch in its class need look no further than the 2009 Waroo. Our new VP2 bridle and wingtip shaping endows the 2009 Waroo with lightening fast relaunch and improves upon its legendary stability. Custom Tune options allow even a total novice to dial in their preferred handling style for maximum enjoyment in all riding conditions.

The 2009 Waroo comes loaded with more must-have performance features than ever before, and all with the outstanding build quality that you have come to expect from Best Kiteboarding. The 2009 Waroo is unquestionably the kite with best value for the money you will ever own. No other kite offers the blend of versatility, performance, superb handling, and outstanding build quality. And, none come close to this price point. The 2009 Waroo is simply head and shoulders above the competition, but do not take our word for it - one ride will tell you all you need to know.

2009 Waroo: Do anything, ride everywhere.

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