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Dakine Surf

"In the fall of 2001, I learned how to kite without proper instruction and with old equipment.  I can wholeheartedly say I survived, just barely.  I wish I had someone to teach me but no one was around to do so.  And because of my close calls with death,  I teach everyday to insure all of my students will learn safe and effectively.  I don't wish learning to kiteboard without proper instruction on my worst enemy!"

(Jay Lane, Honolulu, HI)

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If you're the type of person that wants to ride big waves, jump higher, add style, and/or ride strapless, one of our top professional kite instructors will assist you in learning what it takes to do so.  We only teach with the best instructors at Dakine Surf! 

In these lessons, you will only be taught by professional kite surfers because there is no regular instructor that can help you out more than a pro!

Kiters Beware: pushing the limit of any sport, especially kite surfing, can cause injury and/ or death. So please be safe, and listen very carefully to what your pro kite surf instructor has to say.

"Please note that the 3 hour lesson is probably the most effective since the large majority of our students will be able to get to the board."  And we only book Private Kiteboard Lessons for our Pro students.

To book your lesson, call our booking office at 1-808-852-1938. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!




    Due to the fact that Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and there are known dangers.  Please read, sign and print the waiver below before taking a lesson with us
    General Liability Waiver


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