SST 6'2 2008

Your Price: $499
MSRP: $799
The 6'2 Slingshot Squash Tail is the ideal crossover board for surfers who kite." Chief Designer Tony Logosz. The SST, Designed by John Doyle, is made for the advanced surfer who wants to kitesurf. Because of its unique shape and size the SST provides excellent planeability, glide and drive in the waves. The optimal way to enjoy this board is to use the kite to "tow" into a wave then completely depower the kite and use your body and board to surf the wave and carry you down the line. The broader shape of the tail area results in precision stability and control.



SX 130 2008

Your Price: $399
MSRP: $699
The SX stands for skate series. The skate series board is an all around freeride deck for any rider looking for a forgiving board that is easy and fun to manipulate and ride. Whether you are learning to master new moves or enjoying the experience of effortless freeride carving, the SX board offers just the right amount of controlled flex and responsiveness that any rider beginner to advanced can appreciate.


2008 Turbo Diesel 3

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Original Price Was 1299!!!!!

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The Slingshot TURBO 3, is a proven 4 line bow kite that delivers al the rider requirements of huge range, instant 100% de-power, massive vertical boost, instant re-launch ability and overall flight stability. The TURBO 3 is designed for any kiter, entry level to advanced, looking for 4 line simplicity in a bow platform. Comes with kite, bag, bar & lines, pump, and repair kit.

Slingshot's Closeout Gear
More Than 130 Items
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We've compiled a list of Slingshot's Closeout gear, and the list is over 130 items long. These are all brand new items but discounted up to 95% OFF!!! Some of Slingshot's discounted items include: 2008 Rev Complete, 2008 Full Stroke Bar, 2008 Fuel, Profire Bar, SX board, 2008 Glide, 2008 Fuse, and many more!!!!!



Ocean Rodeo
2008 Rise Venturi

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Translates to bigger, more floaty boosts and a more forgiving, efficient kite that generates even more power for its size than the 07 Rise. Back flying in light, gusty wind is a thing of the past, and experts can unhook without having to depower the kite first!

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A Devil of a kite! The fastest turning C kite we have ever produced is also uniquely engineered for an incredibly smooth and exhilarating flight. Built for riders who demand instant response and power the Diablo is designed for kite loops, un-hooked and new school riding!


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